We provide all the knowledge about Rice Purity Test. Rice Purity Test is a question and answers human-related questions. We have prepared for you 100 questions on rice purity test. 

Here, is that the website link which is provided 100 sorts of questions within the test. Once you completed this test then after you can check out your Rice Purity Test score. 

Check Your Rice Purity Test Score Check your Rice Purity Test Score for the Human body, but Why need you to check to Rice Purity Test? This test for a college-level survey for a student.

Rice Purity Test Scores Meaning

There are Two Types of Rice Purity Test

 Question for Girls: during this type, we've asked different questions on the girl. 

Question for Boys: we've asked many questions associated with boys and you'll get rice purity test scores. 

After performing the survey, you will get your scorecard. Since there’re 100 questions and each question is allotted one mark, it is obvious that the score varies from 100 to 0. This test completely depends on unique characters, their lifestyle, and the way they think about life effects.

 The grooming of students also creates a difference in the scorecard. So, it’s not something like educational performance, where high rates are always good. Here, each score variety has a special meaning. 

Read on to know what your scorecard says about you –

SCORE - 100-98 

It’s the highest score and is rarely available in the Rice purity test. If you’re gone in the family of a great politician, Richie rich businessman, or a child of a star, there are risks that your score falls into this category. This score shows that the student is harmed and might assume or have already adopted, some illegal activity in his life. They justify everything is fair to do without thinking about the outcomes. These people give the logic to encounter each and everything once in life. 

SCORE - 97-94 

Students settle into this section are assumed to growing constantly in their behavior towards progress. They always want to achieve the best in their life. They never engage in what they have, they always hunger for more. They try to fall into the first class to score 100. They have viewed more disciplined and firm personalities as compared to that of the previous category. 

SCORE - 93-77 

This is the most popular score received by the bulk of students because here the students fall belong to the lower middle class to high middle-class category. They are considered very hard-working, sensitive, and artistic. They always find ways to get enough for themselves with confidence and hard work. They also do smart work to achieve in life but through the right sources. 

SCORE - 76-45 

This is also a rare score not obtained by many students generally. Students score between this range is very shy and introverted. They avoid talking about themselves and shake socializing. They also fear public appearance and lacks self-confidence. 


This is an extreme level score where students need attention, care, and help. These students could be affected by a mental disturbance, any psychological issue, or aren't well in any manner. This is rarely found, we can say 2 out of 100.

Rice University

The university is situated in Huston, on 300 acres with tree-lined all over campus. It is one of the top 20 national universities in the US as per the US news and world report. They have a student-to-school ratio of 6 to 1 for the undergraduate program. It helps them to concentrate on the student’s intellectual, emotional, and cultural building.

The university aims to supply all the probabilities of curriculum and extracurricular activities to the scholars at large. Also, to enhance, the overall mechanism university does invest in research and evaluation of students concerning course and behavior in different terms.

All the students are engaged with the residential colleges where they live with other students and interact socially as well. They develop some strong relations and work for each other’s betterment that helps them to improve their social attitude and increase their social intellect.

The Rice Mission Statement 

The mission of the university is to be a part of the efforts to make a far better world. They are contributing to cultivating various communities by performing on human behavior and learning. The university’s researches are always directed to seek out better human interaction with one another and lots of other aspects of the universe. The institute believes in providing the best of education along with the skill to spend life.

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